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Personal wireless security button

Design #1139

Anyone who has a wireless home network has the responsibility to protect their wireless transmission from hackers or war drivers as they call themselves. Setting up your wireless router and not installing security features such as passwords and security keys, leaves you wide open to attack. So, if you have a wireless router and started using it right out of the box without taking the time to properly set it up, now is your second chance. Get out the operations manual and read it this time. Set up the security features and create your own department of wireless internet security.

I’m With the Band

In: Music
I'm with the band button

Design #1074

A groupies best friend, this button is the universal back stage pass.


In: Art

Design #1137

This is an excerpt from a watercolor painting I did in the early 80’s. I was doing the starving artist thing at the time, living in a small shed behind my parents house. Sleeping all day, drinking and painting all night. During this time, I did a work I called “Candies Marbles and Lace”. I was into photo realism and this style and this particular painting was quite time consuming. I finished very late one night and took it into the house to look at it under a more subdued lighting than that of my studio. I was really pleased with it but exhausted, so I left it on the easel in my mother’s living room and headed off to bed.

The next afternoon I awoke and went towards the house to get a cup of coffee and take another look at what the night before I had thought was a masterpiece. As I rounded the corner into the living room, I was shocked to see that the easel was empty. At the time my mother was a seamstress for a very affluent clientele and one of her customers had seen the painting and liked it so much she had bought it on the spot. My mother was my greatest supporter as well as an excellent saleswomen. I was of course happy to have a little cash, but for the last 25 years I have yearned to see that painting again. Paintings are like children, usually I was able too spend a small amount of time with them before they went on the be appreciated by their new owners, but not the case with “Candies Marble and Lace.

After years of wanting to see that painting again, I decided to do another rendition of it, very large and in acrylic this time. While it turned out to be a great painting, it did not have the character of that first watercolor. I also did another version digitally using Coreldraw not to long ago, but again, still not the work of art the original was. At least not in my mind. So to Janie, a customer that snatched one of my children before they had grow up, I sure would like to see that painting again.

You can take a look at the digital version here.

Kids food allergy warning button

Design #1136

Being a parent of a child with food allergies isn’t easy. it’s a constant battle to keep your child safe, when your at home you have control over the food your child is exposed to. It’s when they are away at school or at a play date that you hope your child doesn’t end up in the emergency room.

To make sure no one unknowingly gives your child a food item that they are allergic to, you need to be sure everyone that comes in contact with them knows of your childs allergies and that they should only give them food that you have provided. While you have made every effort to inform caretakers and your child has been taught the dangers of their allergies, sometimes they forget. That’s why we created this button to help you. It displays a bright red stop sign along with the message “Only feed me what my mom sent me”. A great way to protect your child in situations where you can’t be by their side.

Snow Flake One

In: Christmas
Snow flake One Button

Design #1135


RSS Feed

In: Geek Stuff
RSS Feed Button

Design #1134

Here is another one for the geeks in the crowd. Most of you will recognize this as the RSS symbol, and what is RSS you ask? Really Simple Syndication is the answer. It is a web format used to publish frequently updated works such as blog entries or news headlines. The orange feed symbol usually indicates the location of a link that let’s you subscribe to a sites RSS feed.

Shape 1

In: Shapes
Shape 1 Button

Design #1133

Shapes, doodles, whatever you want to call them. Just creating geometric shapes to add flair to what you wear.

All our buttons feature original graphics and are handmade using a Tecre professional button machines. We work very hard to provide you with durable, beautiful, high quality pins you will be proud to wear!

Death Panel Button

Design #1010

Are you worried about Obamacare and his death panels? No need, I have the answer for you. You can call it your “Private Insurance Policy”.

I am pleased to announce that I am in consideration for appointed by the president to the 2010 National Health Care Death Panel. You can assure your good review with recommendation for longer life and continued health care by simply making a donation to my Death Panel campaign fund. In other words buy a button.

These funds will be used to create favoritism towards my continued service on the panel thereby continuing your life, that is, if I like you.

Youtube Myspace and I'll Google your Yahoo Button

Design #1076

If you’ve ever gone to create your own website and started searching for available domain names, you likely found that all the good ones have been taken. When selecting a domain name, the experts say you want one that is easy to remember, easy to spell and as short as possible. I’m always amazed when I see a short URL such as Road Runner’s, wow, how much do you think they had to pay for that one?

The unavailability of good dot com names has created the new naming creativity you see with Google, Yahoo, Etsy, Ebay, and such. So if your going to find a short, easy to spell, easy to remember name for your new web site, you will need to think out of the box, as the say.

Want to give this a try? go to Network Solutions and try to find a creative name that has not already been taken. It’s not easy.

Skull and Cross Bones

In: Halloween
Skull and Cross Bones Button

Design #1129

It’s hard to believe that summer is about over, the kids are back in school and cooler weather is just around the corner. As a internet entrepreneur, I have to anticipate holidays by several months so that any items I have created for that holiday show up in Google’s search engine results in time for the event. The next holiday on my radar is Halloween.

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Message from the Boss

Having spent 35 years in the graphics industry, I now enjoy the arts as a self-employed, home office hybrid. While I spend quite a bit of time developing the web, my main energies are spent pushing pixels for delivery on t-shirts, gift items and now with roundwords, the design and retailing of of 2¼ and 1 inch buttons. Every button on this site has been my brain child. If you place an order, you can rest assured of getting a great product as I'm involved in every step of it's creation from design to shipping.

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