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Personal Wireless Security

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Personal wireless security button

Design #1139 Anyone who has a wireless home network has the responsibility to protect their wireless transmission from hackers or war drivers as they call themselves. Setting up your wireless router and not installing security features such as passwords and security keys, leaves you wide open to attack. So, if you have a wireless router […]

RSS Feed

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RSS Feed Button

Design #1134 Here is another one for the geeks in the crowd. Most of you will recognize this as the RSS symbol, and what is RSS you ask? Really Simple Syndication is the answer. It is a web format used to publish frequently updated works such as blog entries or news headlines. The orange feed […]

Youtube Myspace and I

Design #1076 If you’ve ever gone to create your own website and started searching for available domain names, you likely found that all the good ones have been taken. When selecting a domain name, the experts say you want one that is easy to remember, easy to spell and as short as possible. I’m always […]

Anonymous Twitter User

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twitter user button

Design #1127

Roll With It

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Roll with it button

Design #1125 Here is a great computer tip I like to call rolling with it. A great trick for Windows users who don’t quite see as well as we used to. To enlarge a web page as you’re viewing it, hold down your Ctrl Key and roll your center mouse wheel forward and backwards to […]

Power Button

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Power Button

Design #1130 A button of a button? Yeah, this one uses the circle and slash power symbol to create the image of a computer button. Push it in and get turned on. Great stocking stuffer for the family geek.

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Not only buttons with our custom graphics but we can custom make buttons for your special event. Send us your graphics or let us create a design just for you. For complete information on ordering custom buttons visit the custom order page.

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Message from the Boss

Having spent 35 years in the graphics industry, I now enjoy the arts as a self-employed, home office hybrid. While I spend quite a bit of time developing the web, my main energies are spent pushing pixels for delivery on t-shirts, gift items and now with roundwords, the design and retailing of of 2¼ and 1 inch buttons. Every button on this site has been my brain child. If you place an order, you can rest assured of getting a great product as I'm involved in every step of it's creation from design to shipping.

I personally guarantee you 100% satisfaction with any purchase from our studio or I will see that you get a complete refund. Please take some time and look around as new items are added frequently. There is something of interest for everyone within these pages.


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