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Kids Allergy Warning Button

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Kids food allergy warning button

Design #1136 Being a parent of a child with food allergies isn’t easy. it’s a constant battle to keep your child safe, when your at home you have control over the food your child is exposed to. It’s when they are away at school or at a play date that you hope your child doesn’t […]

I’m on the Death Panel

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Death Panel Button

Design #1010 Are you worried about Obamacare and his death panels? No need, I have the answer for you. You can call it your “Private Insurance Policy”. I am pleased to announce that I am in consideration for appointed by the president to the 2010 National Health Care Death Panel. You can assure your good […]

H1N1 Survivor

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H1N1 Survivor Button

Design #1122 If you are suffering from cough, runny nose, aches and pains along with a fever, you more than likely have the Swine Flu, correction, the H1N1 virus. Even though this virus has been declared a pandemic, it is not the end of the world. The World Health Organization reports that the number of […]

Health Care Reform

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ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you button

Design #1044 With President Obama pushing his heath care plan to congress with the goal of passing this bill by the end of August, one has to wonder if rushing such a complicated problem through the process is wise. There is no doubt that health care needs reform. Claims are that close to 50 million […]

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