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I’m With the Band

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Design #1074 A groupies best friend, this button is the universal back stage pass.

Les Paul 1915-2009

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Les paul button

Design #1132 Les Paul the Grammy winning guitarist and early developer of the solid body electric guitar died today from complications of pneumonia, he was 94. Know mainly as the developer of the Gibson Les Paul guitar, he was also an inventor that was responsible for many recording industry innovations such as overdubing, delay, phasing […]

Rhythm and Blues

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R&B Button

Design #1117 A spin off of jazz and blues of the 1930’s, rhythm and blues developed in the late 40’s and early 50’s and I grew up listening to this type of music. Now a days, the term R&B refers to a wide range of music including some soul and funk tunes. If you’re a […]

Yin Yang Guitars

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Yin Yang Guitars

Design #1070 In general. electric guitar players learn to play on one of two styles of guitars, either Leo Fenders Stratocaster or Gibson’s Les Paul. If you learned to play on a Strat, another guitar will just never quite feel right. Vice versa for the Les Paul. This is the yin yang of the guitar […]

Guitar Hero or Guitar Zero

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My guitar doesn

Design #1064 I’m amazed anytime I see a kid playing the video game Guitar Hero on television or Youtube. What a waste of time! If you’re in this boat I say to you… don’t waste your time learning to strum and fret plastic buttons on a plastic guitar. Get a real axe. They’re cheap, go […]

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Not only buttons with our custom graphics but we can custom make buttons for your special event. Send us your graphics or let us create a design just for you. For complete information on ordering custom buttons visit the custom order page.

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Having spent 35 years in the graphics industry, I now enjoy the arts as a self-employed, home office hybrid. While I spend quite a bit of time developing the web, my main energies are spent pushing pixels for delivery on t-shirts, gift items and now with roundwords, the design and retailing of of 2¼ and 1 inch buttons. Every button on this site has been my brain child. If you place an order, you can rest assured of getting a great product as I'm involved in every step of it's creation from design to shipping.

I personally guarantee you 100% satisfaction with any purchase from our studio or I will see that you get a complete refund. Please take some time and look around as new items are added frequently. There is something of interest for everyone within these pages.


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