Kids food allergy warning button

Design #1136

Being a parent of a child with food allergies isn’t easy. it’s a constant battle to keep your child safe, when your at home you have control over the food your child is exposed to. It’s when they are away at school or at a play date that you hope your child doesn’t end up in the emergency room.

To make sure no one unknowingly gives your child a food item that they are allergic to, you need to be sure everyone that comes in contact with them knows of your childs allergies and that they should only give them food that you have provided. While you have made every effort to inform caretakers and your child has been taught the dangers of their allergies, sometimes they forget. That’s why we created this button to help you. It displays a bright red stop sign along with the message “Only feed me what my mom sent me”. A great way to protect your child in situations where you can’t be by their side.