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Tax It

In: Government

Design #1128

The war on drugs was started in 1969 by then President Richard Nixon. I think it’s fair to say that after 40 years, the war has been lost.

History has again repeated itself as we all know that prohibition does not work. This battle has been extremely expensive. Not only with the costs of catching those that buy and sell illegal drugs, prosecuting them and boarding them in our prison systems, but many young lives have been damaged or ruined in this so called war.

According to the War on Drugs Clock, over 13 billion dollars has been spent by the federal government so far this year fighting this battle and this does not take into account the lost revenue of not being able to collect taxes on these drugs. With marijuana consumption being no more harmful than that of alcohol or tobacco, these costs are outrageous when you consider a large amount of them relate directly to enforcing current marijuana laws.

With the state of our economy and the painfully obvious fact that drug enforcement efforts have been a tremendous failure, it’s time that congress start an open and honest debate on the legalization of marijuana. I’m sure if we take a close look, with an open mind, it will reveal what should have been done a long time ago. Marijuana use should not only be legal, but farmers should be allowed to grow it and government should tax it.

twitter user button

Design #1127

To Get a Drink Around Here

In: Humor
To Get a Drink Button

Design #1126

Have you ever heard someone in a crowded bar say “who do you have to blow to get a drink around here?” Well, this humorous button is for you bartenders. It asks and answers the question, “I’m the one.”

If you are a bartender, how can you not buy this button?

Christmas Candy

In: Christmas
Christmas candy button

Design #1021

Christmas in August, I know, ridiculous. You can thank Google for it. If you want to get a post on a new website indexed by the search engine giant you have to put it online up to 6 months before it will start showing up in search results. I would like to be talking about how I’m in the Christmas spirit, how the snow is falling outdoors, the Christmas tree has bee adorned with all the lights and presents are starting to accumulate under it’s base. The smell of freshly backed cookies and candies permeates every room of the house.

Yeah, I would like to say those things, but the truth is that it’s so damn hot I can hardly breath. The AC unit just won’t keep up with the heat and to top it off there is a class 3 hurricane with North Carolina’s coast in it’s sights. I don’t guess a sentimental post on how my mother used to make Christmas candy or how she would wrap it in celophane with colorful ribbons to give to the neighbors is going to be heart felt. I could go on about how you should order a bunch of the pictured buttons to use as stocking stuffers or to wear to the company Christmas party but hell, it’s beach weather and I’m just to hot and tired to try and spread any Christmas cheer. The only good thing about this post is that I can look back and wish it was summer again when I’m knee deep in snow.

Tie Dyed Peace Sign

In: The 60's
Tie Dye Peace Symbol

Design #1099

This badge design features a peace symbol from the 60’s filled with psychedelic tie dye colors. With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the peace symbol is again being flashed everywhere.

Roll With It

In: Geek Stuff
Roll with it button

Design #1125

Here is a great computer tip I like to call rolling with it. A great trick for Windows users who don’t quite see as well as we used to. To enlarge a web page as you’re viewing it, hold down your Ctrl Key and roll your center mouse wheel forward and backwards to enlarge and reduce the page you are viewing. Go ahead, give it a try on this page.

Cool eh?

Frustration Scream

In: Smilies
scream button

Design #1138

Originally I created this design for a web site that I used to sell t-shirts, After the state of North Carolina passed legislation that forced certain affiliate programs to kick N.C. residents out, I redirected the URL to a Poker site that I also sell tees on. The screaming face of laughter has turned from a face of hilarity to a scream of frustration at the government. If you are feeling the same way about the way government has been screwing us all, you can scream too. Even if it’s not about North Carolina’s internet tax law that got me, I’m sure you won’t have to look far to find a reason to scream. Just watch the news tonight, there’s bound to be something that will get you screaming.

Old School

In: The 60's
Old School Button

Design #1096

If you don’t know what this is, you’re probably not old school and more than likely you don’t know what true high fidelity sounds like. Back in the day, your music was delivered up on vinyl in two flavors, long play albums (LPs) and singles. Despite the name, singles actually had two tunes on them, the featured song and a flip side or bonus song. Most turntables at the time were set up to play albums that had a small hole in the center. 45’s were made with a larger hole that allowed easier handling by a jukebox. This required anyone wanting to play a 45 on their home stereo to pop an adapter into the center of the record so it could be held by the smaller spindle of our turntables. Hence the 45 adapter disk you see on the button above.

Space Invaders Set

In: The 80's

Space Invaders Buttons

Pink Space Invader Design #1014

Purple Space Invader Design #1015

Blue Space Invader Design #1016

Aqua Space Invader Design #1017

Green Space Invader Design #1018

Orange Space Invader Design #1019

I watch my nephew playing call of duty on his xbox 360. Larger than life action figures fire on each other with amazing realisum as bombs explode and tracer fire whiz’s across a 46″ hi def television. How cool is this? When I was a kid playing “Army” in the woods across the street, we were lucky if we had a stick that resembled a gun and all gun fire sound effects were created ourselves, “pew pew”.

It’s totally amazing how far the digital world as come, in particular shooter games. Even as a young adult, for me, electronic games consisted of pinball and slot machines. Then in the late 70’s early 80’s the first digital arcade games starting hitting the market. No one alive at the time can possibly forget Space Invaders. Created in 1978 by a Japanese programmer named Toshihiro Nishikado, the game became hugely popular and according to the developer has created more than 1/2 billion dollars in revenue over the last 25 years. Originally Nishikado wanted to use airplanes as the target but the limited power of the 8080 CPU that was being used, and a desire not to encourage the killing of humans lead him to create the pixelated aliens that are the enemy in the game.

If you have never played the game, there is a online version here where you can try your hand at defeating the invading alien army with your laser cannon.

Les Paul 1915-2009

In: Music
Les paul button

Design #1132

Les Paul the Grammy winning guitarist and early developer of the solid body electric guitar died today from complications of pneumonia, he was 94.

Know mainly as the developer of the Gibson Les Paul guitar, he was also an inventor that was responsible for many recording industry innovations such as overdubing, delay, phasing and multi track recording. Many a rock star has launched his career producing licks on a Les Paul electric guitar.

He was Definitely a pioneer in the music and recording industry and he will be greatly missed.

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