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H1N1 Survivor Button

Design #1122

If you are suffering from cough, runny nose, aches and pains along with a fever, you more than likely have the Swine Flu, correction, the H1N1 virus. Even though this virus has been declared a pandemic, it is not the end of the world. The World Health Organization reports that the number of cases of (H1N1) are continuing to increase and the worst is still ahead.They anticipate that up to 30% of the population could eventually be infected and a dramatic increase of cases will be seen this fall as kids return to school.

I know from experience that you can avoid contracting the disease. I recently took care of my sister who had the virus. As soon as she fell ill, she stayed isolated in her bedroom. If she needed anything, she would call me on my cell phone. All her meals, drinks and medications were prepared outside of her room and brought to her. I developed a system where I would wear a surgical mask when I entered her room and I kept my distance. She in turn tried to cough into a tissue. Any dishes I removed from her room would instantly be run through the dishwasher. After leaving her room, I washed my hands with a hand sanitizer and I was very cautious in avoiding touching my face. Sanitary wipes were used to handle and wipe down anything that could have become contaminated such as door handles.

We were advised by our local health department that H1N1 patients are typically contagious for seven days from first sign of symptoms or 24 hours after the last symptom has disappeared, whichever is longer. She felt ill for about 8 days and had a lingering cough for a couple days after that. She described the virus as the worst flu she had ever had, nothing to take lightly.

I hope this experience will help others who are exposed and if you’re a survivor, get your H1N1 2009 outbreak survivor button and let others know this virus can be beaten. For the latest and best information on this subject visit the W.H.O website.

Sperm Cell Attack

In: Hodge Podge
Sperm Cell Attack Button

Design #1121

Here is a neat little button I like to call “Sperm Cell Attack”. A black background is the swimming pool for the little white sperm cells that are racing to the center of an AT sign. The most primitive example of survival of the fittest.

Just Say What?

In: Government
Just Say What Button

Design #1120

Cash for clunkers, National health care, stimulus package, bailouts, mortgage crisis. I have to just say what? Where does it stop? Why did we not know about the money tree in the White House garden. Most of us know what happens after a credit card spending spree where you max out your credit cards. The bills just keep coming and coming and coming. So you take out a second morgage to pay off the credit cards only to find the increase in you’re monthly house payment is just as bad as the credit card debt. The only saving grace is that when you die with all this debt, your offspring are not responsible for paying it off.

Does Obama thinks are children won’t be responsible for the debit he and his Democratic Congress run up after he leaves office? Maybe he thinks the U.S. Government can just file for bankruptcy. Think about that, does it have you saying “Just Say What?”

Panic Button

In: Humor
Panic Button

Design #1106

Now you can feel secure knowing that if something goes wrong, all you need to do is push you’re panic button. This badge is you’re tool for quickly activating an alarm letting everyone know you have entered an emergency situation. Well, maybe not, but a cool button none the less.

I’m Depressed

In: Humor
I'm Depressed Button

Design #1119

If you’re down in the dumps, feeling depressed, maybe a roll in the hay would pick up your spirits. This humorous button with it’s frown face states the fact your depressed and asks “would you please have sex with me”. Wear this button on your next night out and who knows, it might just improve your love life.

Digital Flowers

In: Hodge Podge
Digital Flowers

Design #1118

The digital flowers is a piece of art work I did using Corel Draw and was originally introduced as a t-shirt design. Now that we are producing pin back buttons, I’ve decided to offer it up in a round words version. The magnetic backed button is a great way to add a little pizazz to your refrigerator or any other metal surface you might want to mount it too.

Rhythm and Blues

In: Music
R&B Button

Design #1117

A spin off of jazz and blues of the 1930’s, rhythm and blues developed in the late 40’s and early 50’s and I grew up listening to this type of music. Now a days, the term R&B refers to a wide range of music including some soul and funk tunes. If you’re a fan of contemporary R&B, wearing this button with it’s blue Fender Stratocaster is a great way to express your love of the genre.

Teddy KGB

In: Poker
Teddy KGB Button

Design #1116

Who is Teddy? Well, he is the Oreo eating Russian mobster (played by John Malkovich) that ran an underground poker room in the movie Rounders. In one scene, Matt Damon is trying to win his way out of debt to one of Teddy’s comrades by playing heads up with Teddy. Damon had already sworn off poker after a huge loss to the Russian in a previous match up. This time around Damon’s character discovers Teddy’s tell and sticks it to him good. Not only does he get out of debt, but wins enough to buy a seat to the World Series of Poker, which is where he is headed as the movie ends. If you’re a poker player and haven’t seen this classic, you need to put it in your netflix queue.

Yin Yang Guitars

In: Music
Yin Yang Guitars

Design #1070

In general. electric guitar players learn to play on one of two styles of guitars, either Leo Fenders Stratocaster or Gibson’s Les Paul. If you learned to play on a Strat, another guitar will just never quite feel right. Vice versa for the Les Paul. This is the yin yang of the guitar world.

Compost Happens

In: Gardening
compost happens button

Design #1032

If you’re looking to add to your recycling efforts, try composting. It’s a simple process that has a very positive impact on the environment. You start by saving your kitchen scrapes, adding them in a pile or container along with other organic materials (anything that was once alive) such as newspaper, leaves and grass clippings. The pile or container is turned and allowed to aerate once in a while until the materials naturally decompose into a rich soil type material known as compost. When added to your garden soil, compost adds nutrients, improves moisture retention and significantly reduces pest problems. The main benefit is to the environment. Yard and food waste make up 30 percent of the materials in our landfills. By composting, you reduce the impact on our waterways and water treatment facilities. Composting is also a valuable tool in teaching your children about mother nature and the cycle of life.

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